CABAL Online to release Rising Force expansion in February

By Michael Jamias
cabal online rising force expansion february

CABAL Online’s latest free expansion Episode 9: Rising Force emerges in February, bringing in a new PvP mode, a new dungeon and a skill system revamp.

The Rising Force expansion ushers in a mission battle system, which enables ranked cross-server 1v1 PvP battles on a brand new battleground arena. Mission battles will be available daily and should provide a constant dose of challenges to MMO duelers.

The expansion also unlocks the way to the Tower of the Dead B3F, which publisher hypes as “the most challenging group dungeon yet.

Meanwhile, a skill system revamp shakes up the combat dynamics in CABAL Online. There will be new effects and skills introduced such as domination, silence, dodge, pierce, immunity, evasion and damage reflections. Each class will also get new skills to freshen up their existing playstyles.

The upcoming expansion also has something for casual rpg games fans: New achievements. Crafters also get a little something in the form of a new Essence rune.

Rising Force comes just three months after the release of the Arcane Trace expansion last December. The expansion will be available in all six language versions of CABAL Online, namely in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish.


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