CABAL Online gets bloody with Return of the Guardians on Feb 6

By Michael Jamias
cabal online return guardians release date

The Return of the Guardians update goes live on February 6, Thursday, switching on an exciting batch of new PvP systems in CABAL Online.

Players will be able to quench their competitive thirst, battling other players in intense head-to-head combat. Victors will emerge and gain recognition as respective Guardians of their nations, gaining fearsome reputations and devoted fans for every victory won.

If you don't cut it in the battlefield with your individual plays, then you may want to consider dominating the guild scene.

There's a new Guild Ranking system that will allow Guilds to represent and hopefully earn honor for their nations. In terms of tangible rewards though, winning guilds stand to receive more power over the free to play mmo world.

"Winning guilds will be rewarded with the power to influence the world outside of PvP combat," said ESTsoft in explaining the new Guild Ranking system and rewards.

Other noteworthy features to look out for in the Return of the Guardians update are the discovery of the mysterious Forbidden Island dungeon which will delight high-level dungeon runners, and the new Effectors equipment type that enables pre-existing skills to be tweaked to sync with each player's rpg combat style.


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