CABAL Online unchains the Gladiator

By Michael Jamias
cabal online gladiator update

The largest content update yet has been released for CABAL Online, and it unleashes the fearsome Gladiator class.

A master of arms that can be effective in both ranged and close-quarters combat, the CABAL Online Gladiator draws upon the unique rage resource to slay her impudent foes in the online rpg.

Watch the Gladiator dole out the pain using rapid weapon combos in this preview video:

The CABAL Online Episode X: Gladiator not only rolls out the wildly bloodthirsty new class, but also a new battlefield, the Forest of Nostalgia, which is patterned after the MOBA-style battlegrounds that have become popular as of late.

In the Forest of Nostalgia, you will need to destroy the enemy team's towers, protect your own, and fight in lane or in the jungle to eventually blow up the opposing Ancient Relic to clinch a win.

For dungeon runners, there's the new Infinity Arena, which doles out waves of monsters that scale in difficulty and will prove to be a punishing MMO challenge for those who take the test. If you want to feel extra prepared, you might want to consider using the new Chaos Upgrade system that increases the risk in weapon upgrades but could also push your gear to almost absurd levels of power.


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