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cabal online mac version release
After conquering the PC world by recruiting 30 million users on that platform, CABAL Online finally turns its sights on Mac. The CABAL Online Mac version has been released worldwide after years of waiting, letting in more players into the post-apocalyptic mmo world where you play as one of Nevareth's survivors that is fighting tooth and nail against hordes of invading horrors.CABAL Online for Mac OS will feature all recent updates made avail...
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Jan 15 2016
cabal online art of war update
Are you skilled enough to take on elite dungeons? CABAL Online dares heroes to beat the hardest difficulty rating yet to be introduced in the mmorpg with the launch of the Art of War update.The CABAL Online elite difficulty can be activated by players in select dungeons, which then makes the enemies and boss fights significantly more punishing. Rare items such as the Chaos Talisman and Rune Slot Extender crafting ingredients will drop in thes...
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Nov 20 2015
cabal online gladiator update
The largest content update yet has been released for CABAL Online, and it unleashes the fearsome Gladiator class. A master of arms that can be effective in both ranged and close-quarters combat, the CABAL Online Gladiator draws upon the unique rage resource to slay her impudent foes in the online rpg. Watch the Gladiator dole out the pain using rapid weapon combos in this preview video:The CABAL Online Episode X: Gladiator not only rolls ou...
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Apr 10 2014
cabal online return guardians release date
The Return of the Guardians update goes live on February 6, Thursday, switching on an exciting batch of new PvP systems in CABAL Online. Players will be able to quench their competitive thirst, battling other players in intense head-to-head combat. Victors will emerge and gain recognition as respective Guardians of their nations, gaining fearsome reputations and devoted fans for every victory won. If you don't cut it in the battlefield with you...
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Feb 03 2014
cabal online rising force extreme update august 1
A new CABAL Online patch launches on August 1, introducing an exciting equipment upgrade system and despicably difficult dungeon. The Rising Force Extreme update was named such due to the upcoming implementation of the Extreme upgrade system, which will let players further increase the power level of their previously maxed out items. There will also be new abilities, synergy skills and challenges coming to the MMO in this new update, confi...
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Jul 30 2013
cabal online steam greenlight campaign
CABAL Online begins campaigning to be made available on Steam through its fan-voting Greenlight program. CABAL Online's Steam Greenlight campaign aims to secure enough votes and support from Steam users so that the mmo could be sold on the world's leading digital distribution platform for games. Publisher ESTsoft has announced plans to offer exclusive perks to early supporters. Gaining backing from fans through the Steam Greenlight program will...
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Jul 18 2013
cabal online rising force expansion february
CABAL Online’s latest free expansion Episode 9: Rising Force emerges in February, bringing in a new PvP mode, a new dungeon and a skill system revamp. The Rising Force expansion ushers in a mission battle system, which enables ranked cross-server 1v1 PvP battles on a brand new battleground arena. Mission battles will be available daily and should provide a constant dose of challenges to MMO duelers. The expansion also unlocks the way to the Tow...
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Jan 14 2013
cabal online arcane trace expansion
Games Masters wastes no time rolling out content for CABAL Online, confirming the release of its Episode 9 – Arcane Trace content update this autumn. Arcane Trace will be the second expansion for the free online rpg in 2012, after Episode 8 – The Third Awakening launched last May. “The Arcane Trace expansion builds on Episode 8 with exciting new features,” said MMO platform publisher Games Masters in a release, listing the new features in the a...
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Aug 06 2012