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  • Cabal Online: mage

    Cabal Online: mage
    Is the world ready for our mage, MMOrceress?...
    Cabal Online: mage

    Cabal Online: garlies

    Cabal Online: garlies
    These garlies die in 2 spells. It looks like she sneezed on him. Maybe she just gave him a lethal cold?...
    Cabal Online: garlies

    Cabal Online: new skills

    Cabal Online: new skills
    Some quests reward you with new spell books. As you level, you can upgrade your spells by putting points into them....
    Cabal Online: new skills

    Cabal Online: stat points

    Cabal Online: stat points
    Don't forget your stat points as you level. Hmm, 10 more intelligence should work....
    Cabal Online: stat points

CABAL Online - First Look

CABAL Online - First Look

CABAL Online is an action-based free to play MMO that was originally released in 2005. Having enjoyed a large number of successful expansions and content updates, CABAL Online has now spread to over 15 countries across the globe. CABAL Online provides players with a huge variety of interesting features such as high-octane PvP, fast-paced PvE hack 'n' slash game-play and an intricate storyline.

CABAL Online offers 7 distinct classes: Blader, Warrior, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Shielder and Force Blader. Every class has a huge selection of skills available, from devastating sword attacks to mystical magical attacks that strike multiple enemies. Thanks to the unique hack 'n' slash combat, CABAL Online rewards skilled players that are able to aim and time their attacks correctly, removing the automated combat found in many MMORPG games today.

Another great aspect to CABAL Online is the Mission War system. Mission Wars are large-scale PvP events that allow players of all levels to compete against other players at regular intervals throughout the day. Certain channels are set up on each server that consist of a variety of level brackets, allowing players of all levels to compete on even grounds. Each team must destroy the oppositions HQ in order to win the battle, but there are many obstacles that must be overcome first. Each team has a number of fortified strongholds that must be destroyed in order to progress to the HQ stage, but each fortress is guarded by a legendary guardian, an evil beast that requires the combined skills and abilities of dozens of heroes to defeat. The victors can walk away with a large variety of rewards, the majority of which can be changed into other items such as weapons and armor.

CABAL Online manages to deliver a unique MMO RPG experience and despite the strong graphical system, it can be played on the majority of modern PC's.

By Rachel Rosen


CABAL Online Brings Fantasy Carnage To Mac

After conquering the PC world by recruiting 30 million users on that platform, CABAL Online finally turns its sights on Mac. The ...
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CABAL Online Takes On Elite Difficulty In Art of War Update

Are you skilled enough to take on elite dungeons? CABAL Online dares heroes to beat the hardest difficulty rating yet to be introd...
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CABAL Online unchains the Gladiator

The largest content update yet has been released for CABAL Online, and it unleashes the fearsome Gladiator class. A master of arm...
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CABAL Online gets bloody with Return of the Guardians on Feb 6

The Return of the Guardians update goes live on February 6, Thursday, switching on an exciting batch of new PvP systems in CABAL O...
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CABAL Online to release Rising Force Extreme update on Aug 1

A new CABAL Online patch launches on August 1, introducing an exciting equipment upgrade system and despicably difficult dung...
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