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  • C21 Online: Starting

    C21 Online: Starting
    Start out on a spaceship, soon you find yourself under attack....
    C21 Online: Starting

    C21 Online: Crash Landing

    C21 Online: Crash Landing
    As the spaceships crashes we land on this planet....
    C21 Online: Crash Landing

    C21 Online: Combat

    C21 Online: Combat
    Attackers come at us and a giant battle breaks loose....
    C21 Online: Combat

    C21 Online: Flying

    C21 Online: Flying
    Don't limit yourself to ground combat, you can fly....
    C21 Online: Flying

C21 Online Gameplay

C21 Online Gameplay

C21 Online is an action mmorpg, developed and published by Cyber Step Inc. C21 Online adventures take place in a world, called Cosmic Renaissance, inhabited by robots with human hearts and feelings. The protective dimension wall between the Cosmic Renaissance and the world of the evil Devil Robots is becoming thinner and thinner. It's time for the friendly and peaceful robots to make a stand and defeat the devil robots once and for all. Cosmic Renaissance is an entire galaxy with many planets. Each planet has its particularities. Some planets hide remains of past civilizations, some are life supporting planets like Earth and some are harsh environments where no one stands a chance without having some trusty allies by his side.

Playable C21 Online characters are robots. They are formed of various parts and each one can be customized. The component parts are: head, body, arms, legs and booster. Visual appearance can be modified as well. Players can build unique looks for their robot. The Skin Edit is the C21 feature that allows robot customization. There is a free edit mode for players to put custom pictures on their outfits. Robot skins can be saved. There are 2 types of weapons in C21 Online robot rpg. The main weapon is ranged and the secondary weapon is a melee one. C21 robots come in various sizes. Small robots (S) are not so deadly in combat but are very fast. Medium robots (M) are a bit of jack of all trades. Large robots (L) have high HP and deal good damage. Robots capabilities are in direct connection with their parts. The head will impact energy recovery rate. Combat abilities are boosted by a robot's body. Arms impact defense. Legs impact movement options. The booster influences weight, jump and fly abilities. Stats and abilities increase when robots gain the necessary XP to level up. Killing enemy robots is a great way to earn XP in C21.

Each planet in C21 Online world has different enemies. Sometimes, players will need to complete the challenging Emergency Mission. On every planet there is a demon force base. Getting there will not be easy and defeating the robot boss is no walk in the park either. Dungeons are instanced locations where you can enter only with a party. Prepare yourselves to face difficult encounters. Players can fight against each other in arenas. There are missions and quests to complete in order to advance and level up. From time to time, invasions take place and players must team up and defeat the evil robot invaders. C21 Online is a free mmo with the usual premium features.

By Rachel Rosen

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