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  • Brutal Legend: settings

    Brutal Legend: settings
    Brutal Legend has a great sense of humor and does not take itself too seriously. The pop-ups that set the language and gore filter...
    Brutal Legend: settings

    Brutal Legend: solos

    Brutal Legend: solos
    One of the 'mini games' within Legends is the solo playing. Here you can use key in some songs for different effects like summonin...
    Brutal Legend: solos

    Brutal Legend: driving

    Brutal Legend: driving
    You get access to the Duece early in the game. This fast car was crafted from knowledge from the titans. If you want more, play th...
    Brutal Legend: driving

    Brutal Legend: multiplayer

    Brutal Legend: multiplayer
    Multiplayer matches are real-time strategy games that involve trying to destroy the opposing stage. Instead of having a zoomed out...
    Brutal Legend: multiplayer

Brutal Legend Gameplay

Brutal Legend Gameplay

Brutal Legend, developed and published by Double Fine Productions, is a PC action adventure RPG with strategy elements. Brutal Legend debuted as a console game. It has an open world setting. Players are free to travel the Brutal Legend world wherever, whenever they feel like it without any restrictions. Brutal Legend story is a fantasy tale with a heavy metal theme. The NPCs and playable toons are unique characters. The main protagonist, Eddie Rigs, is voiced by none other than Jack Black. Eddie Rigs is just a roadie for Kabbage Boy (fictional band) who one day finds himself trapped in an alternate heavy metal world. His role is to save this world. The final Brutal Legend goal is to turn Eddie Rigs into a world saving rock star.

One of the most interesting Brutal Legend features is combat. Brutal Legend combat mechanics mix hack and slash style with real time strategy elements. All Brutal Legend players are able to perform melee and ranged combat moves. Because Brutal Legend is a rock themed video game, a guitar is a valid choice as a weapon. If handled right it can be just as deadly as a battle axe. Not all combat actions are damage dealing abilities. Eddie Rigs can also summon all sorts of objects or buff friendly players. Brutal Legend combat mechanics aren’t hard to learn and even casual players will have no problems picking them up. Things can get complicated if you opt for a more complex strategy. Brutal Legend is not exactly one of the MMORPG games but it does have multiplayer modes. Players that want to follow Brutal Legend story are encouraged to stick with the single player missions first. The multiplayer mode is played in a 4 vs. 4 setup. It’s like a Battle of the Bands competition but in this case contestants are fighting for survival.

Brutal Legend world is funny and colorful. Some Brutal Legend NPCs and encounters are inspired by real life rock stars and famous bands. Players will get to see references to Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford and many more. Brutal Legend soundtrack was carefully selected. Most of the tunes are rock songs starting with ‘60s classics to ‘90s. Jack Black is known for his roles in School of Rock and High Fidelity. He also plays in a heavy metal band called Tenacious D. Those who are familiar with these 2 movies will definitely spot a connection between them and Brutal Legend online RPG. Brutal Legend is a great game for those who like video games, heavy metal and also want to have a good laugh while playing.

By Rachel Rosen

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