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    Bright Shadow: PIN
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    Bright Shadow: too close

    Bright Shadow: too close
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    Bright Shadow: bright light
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    Bright Shadow: spell

    Bright Shadow: spell
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Bright Shadow - First Look

Bright Shadow - First Look

Bright Shadow Online is a unique free to play MMORPG that is home to a large array of exciting features, all displayed using an innovative shell-shaded visual design and architecture. Mysterious dark forces are threatening the once peaceful world of Luciena. Evil monsters from the Umbra Realm are using the powers of innocent souls to travel across Luciena spreading their evil and destroying anything in their path.

The main attraction to Bright Shadow Online is the highly in-depth monster card system. There are over 500 monster cards that players are able to collect by slaying specific monsters. Each monster card provides players with a unique mercenary to aid them in battle, all complete with their own set of stats, skills and abilities. This unique system adds a depth of tactics unseen in previous MMORPG games, giving players thousands of different combinations of battle groups to adapt to any situation.

Another exciting feature to Bright Shadow Online is the transformation mechanic. All of the 20+ classes that can be unlocked come with a special skill that allows them to transform into powerful monsters. There's a huge variety of transformations available, adding another great feature to an already promising MMORPG title.

The Tower of Ruins, the latest expansion to Bright Shadow Online, brought a massive amount of content into the game. The Tower of Ruins is a unique dungeon that consists of 20 different levels, catering for players in a wide level range and challenging even the strongest of Bright Shadow Online players. The expansion also added a whopping 1700 new quests to the game, ranging from monster slaying missions to intricate item finding tasks. Also included in The Tower of Ruins are 80 new boss fights, each more challenging than the last, and the introduction of 250 new monster cards.

Bright Shadow Online is a free to play MMORPG title that boasts some highly innovative features. Providing players with an intense PvE experience, hundreds of monsters to summon and over 2000 quests, there's sure to be something that appeals to any gamer in Bright Shadow Online .

By Rachel Rosen

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