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Brawl of Ages is a free to play game developed by BNA Studios and published by S2 Games. Gameplay combines multiple genres. At its core, Brawl of Ages is a collectible cards game with features inspired from MOBA and tower defense games. There are no MMORPG systems as the game supports only 1 vs. 1 matches. There are no single player activities either. Brawl of Ages has three game modes and all of them promote competition and interaction. Ranked matches pit two players against each other. Players decide on a deck of cards and use the matchmaking system to find an opponent of similar skill. Winners get rewarded with medals, currency and new cards. If players lose a match they will also lose medals. The ranking system organizes players based on how many medals they have.

Conquest mode requires players to pay a fee to participate. Players are given sets of three cards to choose from when creating their Conquest decks. The main appeal of this mode is that it uses all Brawl of Ages cards, even the ones players haven't yet received. The goal is to win 10 times while keeping the loss count lower than three. Players are rewarded based on how many wins they achieve. The matchmaking system for Conquest takes into consideration the number of wins when pairing two opponents. This mode is present in other strategy games such as Hearthstone, the collectible cards game based on MMO RPG World of Warcraft. Smash Party is a unique Brawl of Ages mode. Seven players can join a lobby with VoIP. They challenge each other to 1 vs. 1 duels while the others spectate the match. VoIP integration makes this mode perfect for groups of friends. Smash Party has its own ranking system. Brawl of Ages friendly challenges are casual matches that don't rank players. Players must add each other to the friends list before playing a casual match.

Brawl of Ages players are placed on opposite sides of the battle arena during a match. A water moat divides the map in two. A path that becomes a bridge over the moat surrounds the map and connects the two main towers (or bases). Each player has two more towers placed along the lanes. This lane system can be found in MMO MOBA games like DotA2 or League of Legends. A Brawl of Ages match lasts for three minutes with two minutes of overtime if needed. To win a match, players have to destroy the main enemy tower or to take down more lane towers than their opponent. These two objectives are accomplished by deploying units, buildings and totems on the battlefield using cards. Spell cards are available too. Each player has a deck of 10 cards. More cards are obtained when winning matches, from crafting or using the big brawls board. Brawl of Ages is a free game with premium options such as gems and cosmetic items.

By Rachel Rosen

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