Brawl Busters whips up “A Nightmare on Sunset Street” update

By Michael Jamias
brawl busters nightmare sunset street halloween

Halloween arrives in Brawl Busters in the form of rampaging zombie hordes ripe for shoot-and-slaying.

Called “A Nightmare on Sunset Street,” the new Brawl Busters update introduces the spooky new map called Ghostly Graveyard, which will allow players to fight alongside five fellow Busters against an ever-growing zombie infestation.

A new trailer provides us with creepy, frantic fun coming in Brawl Busters:

To help players manage the growing undead threat in the free action rpg game, Zombie Survival matches have been expanded to six players. The new update also ushers in a new Capsule Machine that developers said will test each player’s good fortune.

“Take a spin for exclusive weapons and parts like the fire-burning ‘Dragon’ arsenal, the festive ‘Pumpkin’ artillery fit for Halloween and the all powerful Monkey King ‘Wukong’ outfit for battling demons!” said the action rpg’s developer Rock Hippo Productions.

The Dragon weapons can singe zombies with its deadly flame bursts, while Pumpkin weapons made in Jack O’ Lantern styles are as festive as those found in other mmo games and will be super effective in taking out those dead walkers. Meanwhile, the Monkey King outfit imbibes its wearer with the spirit of the namesake traditional Chinese legend and martial killer of supernatural threats.


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