Brawl Busters adds scorching new map in Buster’s Inferno update

By Michael Jamias
brawl busters busters inferno update

The action-combat mmorpg heats up with the opening of the hellish pit that is Inferno.

Due to the mounting strife and violence in Mega City, the barriers that separate the realm of Inferno have weakened in the newest Brawl Busters update called Buster’s Inferno released over the weekend.

Beginning March 1, whole areas in Brawl Busters will suffer from strong earthquakes and dangerous volcanic eruptions.

The Buster’s Inferno update also opens up one of the deadliest maps to-date: Burning Adventure. The map is designed with open lava pits, which will require agile jumping to avoid or can be used to inflict more destruction on player enemies.

Brawl Busters will also see its max level cap raised to 45. Additionally, PvP fans of this multiplayer free rpg will approve of the incoming balance tweaks to the gem score system used in ranked matches. Gem score determines ranking as well as Buster Points rewards, so the adjustments should be able to give everyone a fairer shot at racking up BP with the new update.

Buster’s Inferno is the first major update for the year for Brawl Busters, following the Halloween-themed update last year called A Nightmare on Sunset Street which also introduced the Ghostly Graveyard map.


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