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brawl busters busters inferno update
The action-combat mmorpg heats up with the opening of the hellish pit that is Inferno. Due to the mounting strife and violence in Mega City, the barriers that separate the realm of Inferno have weakened in the newest Brawl Busters update called Buster’s Inferno released over the weekend. Beginning March 1, whole areas in Brawl Busters will suffer from strong earthquakes and dangerous volcanic eruptions. The Buster’s Inferno update also opens u...
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Mar 04 2013
brawl busters 16th warrior update
Brawl Busters has raised the multiplayer mayhem to a whole new level with the introduction of the limit-raising update, The 16th Warrior. “The 16th Warrior ups the ante on this wickedly cool action-combat game by increasing player limits in Team and Versus modes to a staggering 16,” said Brawl Busters developer Rock Hippo Productions. “Players can now brawl it out with or against 15 other players. For those who enjoy more intimate brawling, a n...
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Aug 14 2012
brawl busters nightmare sunset street halloween
Halloween arrives in Brawl Busters in the form of rampaging zombie hordes ripe for shoot-and-slaying. Called “A Nightmare on Sunset Street,” the new Brawl Busters update introduces the spooky new map called Ghostly Graveyard, which will allow players to fight alongside five fellow Busters against an ever-growing zombie infestation. A new trailer provides us with creepy, frantic fun coming in Brawl Busters:To help players manage the growing ...
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Oct 16 2012