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  • Brawl Busters: classes

    Brawl Busters: classes
    Choose from 1 of 5 classes to play in Brawl Busters....
    Brawl Busters: classes

    Brawl Busters: store

    Brawl Busters: store
    The in game store will let you buy upgrades, new gear, and cosmetic changes for your character....
    Brawl Busters: store

    Brawl Busters: combat

    Brawl Busters: combat
    The combat feels a lot like side scrolling fighter games. Left click is standard attack, right click is ranged attack, holding bot...
    Brawl Busters: combat

    Brawl Busters: mission done

    Brawl Busters: mission done
    Finish missions to get xp and in game money for the store....
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Brawl Busters - First Look

Brawl Busters - First Look

Brawl Busters is a 3D action-based MMO game that combines elements from the beat 'em up and third-person shooting genres. Brawl Busters features a large number of maps, extensive character customization options and skill-based combat that appeals to any competitive MMORPG players. Brawl Busters utilizes a cartoon themed graphical engine that can be compared to the highly popular Team Fortress 2, a mix of high-quality cartoon images and humor makes Brawl Busters a unique, combat-based experience.

Brawl Busters gives players a large choice of character archetypes including Boxer, Firefighter, Rocker, Slugger and Blitzer. As well as players being able to choose their preferred archetype, they can also customize their character at creation by choosing a body type and editing various features of their character such as hair and face type. Typical MMORPG mechanics and features are merged with the fast-paced combat, offering players experience-based progression to unlock new skills and abilities.

Brawl Busters offers players a huge variety of game modes, with one of the most appealing being the Zombie mode. Everyone loves zombies, or at least enjoys killing them, and Brawl Busters allows you to group up with at least 3 friends to tackle the zombie horde. The aim of Zombie mode is survival, it doesn't matter how many kills you get or what damage you cause, you must survive 5 minutes until the buzzer rings. Much like the other game modes, Zombie mode offers an extensive amount of rewards such as experience points and in-game currency.

As you progress through the game, earning new skills and increasing your level, you can unlock a massive variety of  items and equipment. Some items are designed purely to give your character a unique appearance, while other items, such as weapons, provide your character with stronger attacks and more unique abilities.

There's very few games that boast the intensity that Brawl Busters offers, providing players with a unique, high-octane MMO RPG experience that will keep them coming back time and time again.

By Rachel Rosen


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