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    Bounty Hounds Online: Classes
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    Bounty Hounds Online: Graphics
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Bounty Hounds Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Bounty Hounds Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Bounty Hounds Online is a sci fi, free mmorpg, developed by XPEC and published by Playweb Games. Bounty Hounds Online is set in a distant future where galactic peace hangs by a thread. Governments employ private military companies (PMC) to keep this fragile peace. Clear Sky Planet is the place where mercenaries can enroll in a PMC. This is also the starting area for new Bounty Hounds Online players. Clear Sky Planet contains multiple zones and locations. Some are open world areas. Some hide secrets players must discover. Angelina's Guest House is a mysterious luxurious palace accessible only with a special invitation. Emergency exit is located deep inside the Nightmare Prison. It's said to be an escape route but no one lived to confirm the rumors. Cambria is another planet and players must be level 60 to adventure there.

Players have to choose one of the 5 mercenary types to build a Bounty Hounds Online character. The Shock Trooper is a melee class with high armor. He is capable of inflicting massive damage. The Heavy Gunner is a ranged dps class. His favorite weapon is, by far, the bazooka. Heavy Gunners also carry a twin glaive as a secondary weapon. The Chemical Brawler is the tanking class in Bounty Hounds Online free rpg. He possesses damage mitigating abilities and good armor. The Engineer is a support class capable of healing and doing damage. The Agent is a pure damage class that uses circle blades and sniping rifles. Each class earns XP by completing PvE or PvP objectives. A unique feature of Bounty Hounds Online mmorpg is the XP division. Level XP is needed to level up and gain ability points. The current level cap is 60. Class XP unlocks skill points. There are 5 main stats: Will, Power, Accuracy, Stamina and Reflexes. Bounty Hounds Online characters have 12 skill types. Mercenaries use weapons and armor to be more efficient. There is an option to change visual appearance by using fashion assets.

There are several types of Bounty Hounds Online missions. Some are story driven quests and some are daily tasks. Missions can be timed. Sometimes, characters will be assigned to kill mobs or bosses. Mobs can be humanoids, insects, beasts or mechanical. Combat & Tactical Units are some sort of combat pets. Players get their first pets after finishing the tutorial. Bosses drop pets as well. A nice combat feature is the automatic weapon swapping. Players can craft items using the Research & Development(R&D) feature. Some pets can be obtained using the R&D system. Items can be enhanced. PvP features are a must for mmorpg games. Bounty Hounds Online PvP options include duels and massive legion battles.

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