Bounty Bay Online is Shutting Down

By Michael Jamias
bounty bay online shuts down

After five years of operation, Bounty Bay Online is hanging up its sails and mooring permanently in the graveyard of closed MMOs on September 20.

In a forum announcement, Bounty Bay Online community representative Sarenrae said that payment services, account creation and client download have already been deactivated. The website and social media channels have also been taken down. The forums, meanwhile, remain open under a read-only state.

As a final ahoy salute to fans, the pirate-themed online rpg plans to hold several celebration events planned leading up to its September 20 farewell. Also, the developer plans to reimburse players for their unused game time and shop points.

But the reimbursement scheme is proving to be small comfort for fans who have invested much in the MMO. Some claim to have spent more hundreds of dollars in the pirate game only to see it get shuttered even after Gameforge acquired original publisher Frogster in what initially looked to be a move to save the game.

“Naturally, we will compensate our free-to-play as well as our pay-to-play players. Details about this will be announced soon,” said Sarenrae. Bounty Bay Online operated as a free online rpg with a cash shop, with players having an option to purchase items and gear for cash.


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