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  • Bloodline Champions: spells

    Bloodline Champions: spells
    Cast spells on enemy units to kill them. Generally, the abilities on the left side of the bar, have the shortest cooldowns....
    Bloodline Champions: spells

    Bloodline Champions: f1

    Bloodline Champions: f1
    Hit the f1 key to heal yourself. Avoid being hit while healing since it would interrupt your heal....
    Bloodline Champions: f1

    Bloodline Champions: store

    Bloodline Champions: store
    Unlock new items in the store. You can purchase these items with gold earned either by playing the game or through microtransactio...
    Bloodline Champions: store

    Bloodline Champions: types

    Bloodline Champions: types
    When you hit level 5, you will have access to 2 new types of matches: tournament and team games....
    Bloodline Champions: types

Bloodline Champions Gameplay

Bloodline Champions Gameplay

Bloodline Champions is a free to play team-based PvP action game from Stunlock Studios where teams duke it out in a variety of game modes, including death match, capture-the-flag and map conquest. PvP fans come to Bloodline Champions for its variety of fun game modes and hardcore skill requirements. Unlike the watered-down PvP seen in most online RPG Games, combatants in Bloodline Champions do not have auto-targeting and have to aim all their attacks on top of the usual challenges of keeping track of enemy movement and positioning. Developers also intentionally removed all factors based on luck, such as lucky critical hits, to make fights 100% all about skill. This has allowed the game to attract hardcore PvP fighters who want to prove they are the undisputed best. Another innovation is the complete elimination of mana. Instead, players will need to focus on cooldowns, further stressing the need to make each attack count.

Each player gets to choose one of 26 character options. These are divided into four “bloodlines” or class archetypes – the defense-oriented tank, the squishy but hard-hitting ranged damage, the powerful but inflexible melee damage and the life-giving healer. Among each of these archetypes are slight variations. For instance, under the tank archetype, there is the Sentinel that moves faster than normal tanks and also the Guardian who specializes in area of effects and combos. The high number of classes makes it hard for a single team composition to dominate Bloodline Champions. Players can group themselves in teams of two or three, before signing up for the arena. Those with no allies don’t have to worry; the game lets you use an open lobby system to look for ready team mates. Most matches last for only two minutes in a best of five system. The quickness of matches makes it perfect for busy players. Those who find this too short can lengthen the match numbers for more epic rounds.

In death matches, one of the three game modes for Bloodline Champions, two teams fight until the other is annihilated. For its developers to earn revenues, the free to play Bloodline Champions runs a marketplace which sells additional weapons, outfits and emotes. Bloodline Champions offers a staggering variety of class choices and team tactics, making it a highly replayable online game. No wonder then that it beat out other RPG Games for the Game of the Year award at the Swedish Game Awards 2009.

By Rachel Rosen

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