Bless Online launches CBT applications and shows off classes info

By Tam Mageean
bless online beta

After 5 years of anticipation, Neowiz Bless Studios have finally opened the application gates for the Bless Online closed beta test! The free to play mmo first began development in 2009, with a 150 strong workforce who are very well seasoned in the free to play market. However, despite their experience levels, (Neowiz Games were proud publishers of games like Alliance and Valiant Arms, the game has been sat in the pipeline for a long, long time.To many though, all this has done is reinforce one belief; that this medieval, fantasy mmo is going to be awesome.

The Bless Online closed beta is scheduled to run from Feb 20th to Feb 23rd, for 20 hours a day, so there won't be much time to get a good look around the world of Bless, but after 5 years, any morsel will feel like a meal!

The closed beta slots are, unfortunately, only open to gamers in Korea, but with such a strong Western interest, hopefully a closed beta will make its way across the Pacific some time soon. If you are eligible however, be sure to apply promptly, as the application window closes on Feb 16th, with the beta keys going out on the 18th.

Although many of us won't be eligible for the closed beta, the Neowiz Bless team have also put out some class specs, and some PC system requirements, to give everyone a better idea of the game. For a full list of class and PC specs, be sure to check out the Official Bless Fansite.


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