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Bless Online English language cinematic trailer
One could argue that the realm of mmo games has long been under a Korean invasion. There's a ton of online games that have filtered out of the East and made it to the West over the last few years, which reminds me a bit of the old English invasion in pop music back in the 1960s. One game that has drawn interest is Bless Online, which has long been in development. Well, gamers got a taste of what's to come as an English language Bless Online cinem...
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Oct 31 2016
bless online local
We've all seen the facts with the recently launched Blade and Soul - Korea is breaking the mmo scene in a whole new way. Korean mmo games, since the good old days of Fiesta Online, have picked up a reputation for being laden with micropurchases, restrictions and a "pay to play" mentality, despite selling themselves as free games. However, we're starting to see a change in dynamic. Korean mmorpg developers are starting to pay more atention to th...
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Feb 05 2016
bless online open beta
How long would you be willing to wait for a particular mmorpg? With the likes of Phantasy Star Online 2 and Tree of Savior, we've really seen the patience of mmo fans pushed to the absolute limits, maybe even to the point of breaking. Bless Online has been one of those games that has been teasing and tempting gamers for quite some time. Since 2009, Neowiz have been working on Bless Online, with very little going on in terms of play testing and...
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Jan 15 2016
bless character
Character creation is the secret art of a good mmo. If you get it right, you can provide a fan with a fair few hours of gameplay, before they've even seen the intro. It's a commitment by both the fan and the mmorpg developer alike - the developer is alluding to the fact that you're going to be spending a lot of time, in-game looking at and interacting with your avatar and, if a player has confidence in the title, they'll put in the time to use t...
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Sep 08 2015
bless online beta
After 5 years of anticipation, Neowiz Bless Studios have finally opened the application gates for the Bless Online closed beta test! The free to play mmo first began development in 2009, with a 150 strong workforce who are very well seasoned in the free to play market. However, despite their experience levels, (Neowiz Games were proud publishers of games like Alliance and Valiant Arms, the game has been sat in the pipeline for a long, long time.T...
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Feb 06 2014