New Blade & Soul Producer's Letter Discusses Milestones, Server Consolidations, and New Class

By Jeff Francis
Blade & Soul Producer's Letter for July 2017

Communication between developers and mmo players is often lacking, which is why it's refreshing when a company does keep their players informed on what's actually going on in their game. Case in point is the latest Blade & Soul Producer's Letter from Jonathan Lien for July that discusses the milestones that the game has celebrated this year along with some information on the game's future.

The Blade & Soul Producer's Letter kicks off with the fresh content that players have been able to enjoy this year. The letter points out that the year kicked off with the Anniversary Event, which was then followed by the Wings of Raven update that introduced two new raids: Skybreak Spire and Dawn of Khanda Vihar. The Secrets of the Stratus update in April featured Act 7 of the game's story arc in which players face a powerful new foe. The Blade & Soul letter then goes on to mention the quality of life improvements that have been brought to the game, such as the streamlining of the Skill tree, removable weapon skins, and more.

The most interesting part of the Blade & Soul Producer's Letter is what's coming in the future to the mmorpg. The European Regional Championships will take place on August 24th at gamescom, and the North American portion of the eSports challenge will follow on September 3rd at PAX West. Two new update are coming, Fortune Falls and Dark Origins, that will bring new dungeons, raids, story quests, cosmetic gear, and more. There will also be a server consolidation on August 9th to help players who have had difficulty in finding raid groups. There will be two servers for North America and three for Europe.

Lastly, the Blade and Soul Producer's Letter reveals that a new class is coming to the fantasy mmo. However, no other information is provided about this new class, so let the speculation begin! You can read the full Producer's Letter for July 2017 here.


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