Watch this tasty preview of the new Blade & Soul dungeon, Spiral Labyrinth

By Michael Jamias
blade and soul dungeon spiral labyrinth

MMO fan site Steparu has unleashed a handful of videos which takes us through the freshly added three-floor dungeon.

Spiral Labyrinth veers away slightly from the typical Blade & Soul dungeon in that progression is “a bit more randomized so that players won’t get bored killing the same old trash monsters and mini bosses,” says Steparu.

Basically, each floor is composed of a hive of rooms. Enter one room, defeat the mini boss in that room, and choose from three rooms where you have to defeat another mini boss and choose from another three rooms, repeated until you reach the final floor boss.

The video below shows Steparu taking on The Minotaur, the final boss of the first floor.

Along with Spiral Labyrinth, Blade & Soul is also set to open the end game dungeon called Ice Warehouse which has a wildly different fight concept. The Ice Warehouse is giant room with a boss in the middle, but groups who posses secret items can spawn an optional boss.

Both dungeons reward new equipment, but Steparu warns fans of the martial arts free rpg to steel themselves to a grueling grind in order to obtain the rarest Legendary equipment.


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