Blade & Soul Announces the Upcoming Desolate Tomb Dungeon

By Jeff Francis
Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb announced

Dungeons have long been a major cornerstone of mmorpg games, offering players the opportunity to explore dangerous locations in pursuit of epic loot. Blade & Soul players are in for a treat as a new dungeon is coming to the game along with a slew of quality-of-life improvements. NCSoft today announced the upcoming Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb dungeon that will be added to the game on August 24th.

Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb

The new Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb is a 4 or 6-person dungeon. Players will have to contend with the Talus Army, who have invaded the Tomb of Exiles to study ancient Naryu automaton technology. In addition to the new dungeon, players will see improvements to some key features of the game, which include:

PvP Improvements: Introducing weekly and Seasonal rewards for 3v3 Tag Match and 6v6 Whirlwind Valley. Whirlwind Valley premade party size is now capped at two players to improve the matchmaking experience.

Weapon Evolution Discount: The materials required to evolve your weapon to the next stage are permanently reduced, in addition to a new weapon path that provides additional discounts.

DPS Meter: Measure your damage output with a new in-game DPS meter, allowing you to see your output, and the output of your party members.

The new Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb dungeon will launch, along with quality-of-life-improvements for the mmo, on August 24th.


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