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Blade & Soul Producer's Letter for July 2017
Communication between developers and mmo players is often lacking, which is why it's refreshing when a company does keep their players informed on what's actually going on in their game. Case in point is the latest Blade & Soul Producer's Letter from Jonathan Lien for July that discusses the milestones that the game has celebrated this year along with some information on the game's future.The Blade & Soul Producer's Letter kicks off w...
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Jul 24 2017
NCSoft profits for first quarter of 2017
While playing mmo games is fun, we do have to remember that they're also a business. And it appears that business isn't exactly jumping up and down with joy this year for NCSoft, the maker of games such as Guild Wars 2 and Aion. The Korean Times is reporting that NCSoft profits are down a staggering 60% in the first quarter of 2017 when compared to the same quarter last year. The reason for the downturn? Sluggish revenue from their stable of mmo ...
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May 11 2017
Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb announced
Dungeons have long been a major cornerstone of mmorpg games, offering players the opportunity to explore dangerous locations in pursuit of epic loot. Blade & Soul players are in for a treat as a new dungeon is coming to the game along with a slew of quality-of-life improvements. NCSoft today announced the upcoming Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb dungeon that will be added to the game on August 24th.The new Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb is...
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Aug 17 2016
Do linked server groups help mmo faction balance?
Factions in mmo games have long been both a blessing and a curse. An mmorpg faction does help create a sense of identity for players, but the biggest drawback has always been for the game to maintain a balance between multiple factions. If one faction is too strong, then gameplay can become stale as the weaker faction begins to check out over time as getting repeatedly beat is no fun. Developers often work hard to ensure that there is an overall ...
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Jul 19 2016
blade and soul prequel
When a new mmo is announced, especially in this day and age, it should be a time for rejoicement as we all gather and stare into the horizon, with the hope that the next one will be better than the last. However, with the recent announcement of an up and coming Blade and Soul prequel, gamers are quaking in their boots. The problem here lies in the fleeting behavior of modern mmo games. With crowdfunding, freemium packages and all the rest of it,...
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Jul 11 2016
blade and soul shadows innocents release date
It's always said that the children are the future, but in Blade & Soul, this adage becomes a battlecry as you mentor the next generation of Hongmoon students all while battling the return of an evil cult. The Blade & Soul Shadows of the Innocents update, which goes live on July 20, continues the online rpg's storyline after the failed invasio of the Dark Lord.Once thought to have been disbanded, the Ebondrake Cult once again rears it...
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Jul 07 2016
blade and soul soul fighter class release
Blade and Soul welcomes the new Soul Fighter class, the ninth to be added to the MMORPG, and its flexibility should make it a popular choice for those who want to dive into every kind of battle imaginable. The secret to the Blade and Soul Soul Fighter's unmatched adaptability in battle is that it has learned techniques from the fighting styles of two different classes, the Force Master and Kung Fu Master. This allows the Soul Fighter to become ...
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Jun 23 2016
Soul Fighter featured in latest Blade and Soul class week
While a lot of video game and mmo news is coming from the E3 conference this week, there's still plenty of other tidbits coming out from other games that are not showing there. NCsoft is highlighting the Blade and Soul Soul Fighter class during the game's latest class week, offering players a look into this hybrid entity and its abilities.The Blade and Soul Soul Fighter is the second hybrid class for the game, merging the Frost control abilit...
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Jun 14 2016
blade and soul hacker
A lone person can do a few smart things, but a collective of people can do genius things. This has certainly been one of the most compelling factors surrounding the Internet since its inception, we just never thought that Reddit would be birthplace of humanity's resultant hive mind. Over the past few years, we've seen redditors fight terrorism, stop burglaries, identify the potential location of Nintendo's prototype controller and, over the past...
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May 25 2016
blade and soul price
There are three things that developers need to consider when opting to make a new free to play mmo; their projected user group, their unique selling point and their route to profitability. That third one can be a bit of an issue with some games and, over the years, we've seen more than our fair share of studios missing the mark and having to rething their monetization strategy. It's almost bizarre, in this day and age, that things like this aren...
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May 23 2016