Black Prophecy Closes Down September 26

By Michael Jamias
black prophecy closes down

Black Prophecy players have less than a month to tidy up their interstellar business before the space action online rpg shutters permanently on September 26.

Black Prophecy has been thrilling fans with its fast-paced action and deep backstory, had been kept running by gamigo after its original developer Reakktor Media shut down due to cash woes. In the end, though, “financial realities” proved impossible to overcome.

“This past year-and-a-half has been filled with very bright spots as well as many hardships. It has been an honor to team up with the profound talent at Reakktor Media, and to have had the opportunity to bring a small bit of light to the space action genre,” said the Black Prohecy team in its farewell post.

The Black Prophecy team put everything on the line for this title to succeed, working any and all angles to keep hope alive even after Reakktor had to shut its doors. Financial realities don’t always pause for effort though, which brings us to this point in time,” it added.
Fans who patronized the online rpg by buying the in-game currency KK$ -- and who probably feel blindsided by the sudden shutdown – will be compensated accordingly, gamigo said.

“Players who have purchased KK$ in the past 6 months and still have KK$ in their account will receive an email with a voucher code that can be applied with any other gamigo title, such as Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict. On top of this, players will still have access to their remaining in-game funds and are free to use them until the closing of the servers,” said the Black Prophecy team.

We here at MMO-Play wish the best of luck to all the MMORPG developers and gamers affected.


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