Black Gold alpha test drive strikes March 20

By Michael Jamias
black gold alpha test march 20

The steampunk action mmorpg Black Gold gears up for its alpha test drive in less than a month.

The BGO team announced that game servers will go live on March 20 at 2pm Eastern time.

How can you gain access to the Black Gold alpha test?

You'll need a Black Gold Alpha test key, some of which were given out during the E3 Convention 2013 and sporadically handed out through Facebook giveaways. If you failed to score some through these two methods, your best chance is to register for an account and fill out the Opt-In survey.

Granted there's no guarantee you'll gain a Black Gold alpha test key, but a chance is better than none at all.

The Black Gold Alpha is something you wouldn't want to miss because all 8 classes from 4 of the races -- half from the Steam alignment of Isenhorst and half from the Fantasy side Erlandir -- will be ready to play.

The Alpha will also deliver extensive gameplay content, including questing, Faction vs. Faction battlegrounds, open world PvP, crafting, vehicle construction, and instance dungeons.

In return for the Alpha privilege, you're expected to provide lots of feedback, report all the bugs you encounter, and be as vocal as you can on how to make the upcoming online rpg more awesome.


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