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Black Gold Online announces Campaign of Ashes update
The fierce war between the Kingdom of Isenhorst and the Erlandir Union continue to rage in Black Gold Online. The object of the ongoing struggle is the precious resource, black gold, that is used by both those that use magic and those that need it to power their steampunk-style technology. Snail Games has just announced the first major update to the mmorpg. The fight between the two factions spills over into new fronts in the Black Gold Online Ca...
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Aug 26 2014
Black Gold Online level cap increase
The Black Gold Online open beta continues to chug along, and the steampunk mmorpg has just released some new details of what players can expect in the upcoming months. Of primary interest to gamers is that the Black Gold Online level cap is being increased to 45, but there are additional new items as well as the normal tweaks associated with beta testing.Here's a list of the changes coming in the near future for the Black Gold Online ope...
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Jul 29 2014
black gold online open beta
At long last, it's open beta time for the Western launch of Black Gold Online. The steampunk inspired mmorpg places you in a faction vs faction war, as survivors in a dystopian, steam driven scramble for the planet's remaining fuel supplies. The Black Gold Online open beta falls in following an impressive, three-phase closed beta test that granted lucky early adopters with the first glimpses of SnalUSA's iteration of the popular, Chinese mmo. "...
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Jun 20 2014
Black Gold Online retail pre-orders available
For those who can't wait to stake their claim to a copy of the Black Gold Online mmorpg, today is their lucky day. Snail Games USA has announced that the Black Gold Online retail pre-orders are now available. The retail edition of the game comes with some additional perks that players of the fantasy/steampunk online game will enjoy having. The retail version of the mmo is called the Black Gold Online: Conqueror's Edition. The additional per...
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May 28 2014
black gold online gvg
Most popular mmo games these days feature, at the least, a tangible PvP and PvE system. However, what separates a good, modern mmo from a great one is an engaging GvG (meaning; Guild versus Guild) system. The developers at Black Gold Online have touted their upcoming GvG as one of the crown jewels in their western release of the steampunk mmorpg, and today, they decided to divulge a little more information about it.It's one thing to make a m...
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May 27 2014
Black Gold Online clash of styles
The Black Gold Online mmorpg is currently in beta, and players are discovering the setting that fuses fantasy with steampunk. As the two factions are radically different in tone and purpose, a great deal of thought was put into the Black Gold Online art style. The process for the game's style is detailed in the latest dev blog where they go into how the look for each faction was realized. Isenhorst is the faction that is steampunk and has b...
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May 20 2014
black gold online beta
If you have a Steampunk itch that you just can't scratch, today might be your day. Snail Games are now opening the floodgates, so that intrigued gamers can pour into their Black Gold Online North American closed beta test, and check out their fantasy, steampunk mmorpg out first hand. "We’ve been hard at work since the Alpha test, scouring the reports from our Alpha testers and making the necessary adjustments. We’ve made some huge steps forward,...
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May 15 2014
black gold closed beta may 15
The peace has been shattered in Black Gold, and players are invited to plunge into the fantasy-slash-steampunk mmorpg's first closed beta test and answer the call to arms of two factions fighting for rule of the continent. The Black Gold closed beta has been scheduled to start on Thursday, May 15th at 2pm PDT and will last for a still-unspecified duration. During the closed beta, participants can try out and explore the many uniq...
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Apr 26 2014
black gold online answers
The dust has settled, and in the aftermath of the Black Gold Online alpha test, the devs over at Snail USA have taken the time to answer some of the alpha tester's woes, doubts and queries in their latest "Ask the Devs" Q&A session. Looking on into the beta, the devs have revealed that there's a lot more in store for the fantasy, steampunk mmo. Here's a quick rundown on what you can expect: 1. "Perfect Unbalancing" For starters, rather tha...
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Apr 11 2014
Black Gold Online beta changes
The latest alpha for Black Gold Online is finished and Snail Games USA is taking the information gathered to heart. The mmorpg has viewed the feedback given by the testers and is using that as a basis for improvement. Developers are now detailing the changes coming for the Black Gold Online beta. The producer of Black Gold Online, Kee Zhang, states, "With the completion of the Alpha Test from March 20th-31st, we received a considerable volume of...
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Apr 09 2014