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  • Black Gold: combat

    Black Gold: combat
    Blackgold uses a combination of traditional combat mechanics like tab targetting with a more active system similar to games like G...
    Black Gold: combat

    Black Gold: rewards

    Black Gold: rewards
    Players can earn rewards for gaining levels, being logged in, finishing story missions, achievements, and more....
    Black Gold: rewards

    Black Gold: upgrades

    Black Gold: upgrades
    Use gems to upgrade items which increases their stats....
    Black Gold: upgrades

    Black Gold: classes

    Black Gold: classes
    Players can choose from 2 factions, 2 races per faction and 9 classes. Character customization uses numerous sliders and options t...
    Black Gold: classes

Black Gold Gameplay First Look - HD

Black Gold Gameplay First Look - HD

Blending both fantasy and steampunk together, Black Gold is an action mmorpg developed by both Snail Game and Mental Games. Based upon the Flexi engine that powers Age of Wushu, Black Gold is set in a world filled with two rival factions fighting for a precious energy source that powers both magic and steam technology. The game's setting is two lands separated by a chain of mountains that prevents the sun from shining on one land while eternally shining upon the other.

On one side lies the land of Erlandir, which is blessed with sunshine, on which numerous natural resources have developed such as black gold. Black gold can provide energy for both magical spells or steam powered technology when processed. The denizens of Erlandir (Humans, Koshs, and Brutes) have prospered and are allied closely with nature and magic. On the dark side of the mountain chain lies Eisenhorst, which has turned to steampunk-style technology to survive. The races of Eisenhorst (Dwarves, Humans, and Vampires) originally used coal to power their steam engines but that coal has pretty much run out. Now they've set their sights on the black gold found in Erlandir to keep their engines running and to survive. It's at this moment in history that the players enter the unfolding drama and decide which faction they will wish to help.

Black Gold features action combat with active dodging. Players can use magic or steam-powered tech depending upon their class and faction. Some players will be able to change their forms in combat while others can leap into a suit of mechanized armor to begin fighting. Each class also features a number of specializations.

There are a lot of systems in this free to play mmorpg. Players can create their own custom spells by combining abilities that they already possess. There are over 3000 dynamic events that will spawn throughout the game world to fully immerse the player. These dynamic events will automatically spawn when certain criteria are achieved, such as a boss spawning when a specific number of mobs are killed in an area. Quests your character undertakes can take branching paths, with each path ending with a different result. The mounts in Black Gold also reflect the differences between the factions, such as horses being one of several options for Erlandir players and motorcycles being an option for Eisenhorst characters. Pets in the game also reflect the faction differences as well. All in all, players can play both PvE and PvP in a world that is natural and magical on one hand but also dark and steampunk on the other.

By Jeff Francis


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