Enjoy Summer Fun at the New Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark

By Jeff Francis
Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark opens

Adventurers looking to escape the scorching summer heat and life-or-death questing now have a place to cool off and have some fun. The new Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark is having its grand opening as part of the Terrmian Festival. This fun-filled waterpark can be found in the online rpg on the coastline near Olvia and is filled with thrilling quests and mini-games to quench players' thirsts.

Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark

The Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark features quests and challenges that will yield Terrmian Coins. Players can use these coins for the various mini-games, which will then reward players with Terrmian Seals. These seals can then be exchanged for some nifty prizes, such as the Coral Crown and Seahorse Diving Hat costume pieces. Seals can also be redeemed for a single Terrmian Festival Entry Coupon. Players have until August 9th to get a coupon, and there will be two winners of a GeForce GTX 1080ti, thirty winners of a Blessing of Kamasylve, thirty winners of a Value Pack, sixty winners of a Choppy pet, sixty winners of a Belle Epoque Ferry Set, and sixty winners of a Dark Thorn Fishing Boat Set.

Of course, most mmo players will spent their time at the Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark enjoying the mini-games found there. Overall, there are six mini-games for players to take part in: Pop-a-Giant-Clam!, Shoot Coconut Cannons, Dive Live! Feel Alive!, Bang Bang Bang!, Captain Moguly and the Spooky Ship, and Drive Out Terrmian Possessed Spirits. To really get into the Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark vibe, players can purchase the new Marine Romance costumes so that their characters will be sporting a nautical air.


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