Black Desert's Korean second closed beta slated for April 4

By Michael Jamias
black desert korean second closed beta

Black Desert, the Korean sandbox MMORPG which is being eyed as an import to Western shores, is finally making great strides in Korean testing. Developer Pearly Abyss has scheduled Black Desert's Korean second closed beta on April 4, according to videogame site Steparu.

Keep in mind that the first closed beta was announced back in September, which means it took the developers roughly half a year getting fan feedback and ironing out the kinks.

No news yet on what classes will be available in Black Desert's Korean second closed beta test, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that they will expand it beyond the Fighter, Sorceress, Ranger and Predator that were previously playable on the first closed beta.

If you're curious to see how far the game has come in terms of gameplay and visuals, then savor this 9 minutes of Black Desert closed beta footage from Steparu:

There are few things that stand out in the video, such as the speed of fights and re-positioning, which give the game a very hectic feel. You can also hit structures much as you would decimate an enemy, and watch them crumble bit by bit, which is a cool touch that isn't found in many other rpg games online.


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