Black Desert debut teaser trailer released

By Michael Jamias
black desert debut teaser trailer

The sandbox mmorpg that is set to cross over from Korea has whetted fan appetite with a new preview video.

The Black Desert debut teaser trailer below shows off the customization, classes and sweeping landscapes that fill the mmo world.

The Black Desert trailer also shows us impressive visual snippets, from an archer riding a horse mount through a forest clearing to a knight slashing targets with killing ease.

The second half of the trailer gives us a taste of the skills that the classes will have to use to decimate their opponents while exploring the online rpg.

The knight makes full use of his board-and-sword to stun and zone out opponents. The barbarian wields a massive battle axe capable of massive area destruction. The black mage bombards even the biggest behemoths with shadow magic, and relies on drains to keep her health topped off. And lastly, archers rely on keeping their distance through their acrobatic mobility (back tumbles anyone?) while pumping out shots.

But arguably the most impressive part of the video is the finale which gives a glimpse of the mounted combat and group multiplayer that lend an epic campaign feel to the game.



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