Black Desert prepares for Beta phase

By Tam Mageean
black desert beta

Black Desert disappeared into the mist for the summer, but after months of silence, developers, Pearl Abyss have announced that they are ready for a Korean closed beta. The reason for the developers silence has been put down to their perfectionism; this game has already caught a lot of people's attention, so they want it to be as stunning as possible before it reaches the public's fingertips.

Black Desert screenshot

The sandbox MMORPG plans to begin its beta tests in October, and has began to send out limited beta invites to a very lucky few.

"Unfortunately some Classes are locked for the first beta test, but you will be able to enjoy the Fighter, Sorceress, Ranger and The Predator."

The game is said to have some great character designs with a multitude of options, but at least we know, Fighter, Mage and Ranger will still play their part for those with an RPG "comfort zone".

The Beta is set to test PVE, PVP and general game mechanics, such as the guild system and its housing system. Although this is a full-blooded MMO, it proudly focuses heavily on its sandbox system, and hopes that players truly turn Black Desert into a world of their own. The game itself looks beautiful, rich and complex, and tells a story of a world split into two factions; The Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia, with the players deciding the outcome.

black desert character design

For the near-future, we'll just have to watch the folks over at Pearl Abyss spin their magic, and hope the beta goes well!


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