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Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark opens
Adventurers looking to escape the scorching summer heat and life-or-death questing now have a place to cool off and have some fun. The new Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark is having its grand opening as part of the Terrmian Festival. This fun-filled waterpark can be found in the online rpg on the coastline near Olvia and is filled with thrilling quests and mini-games to quench players' thirsts.The Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark ...
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Jul 12 2017
Black Desert Online Striker class launches
Fists of fury are definitely going to be flying in Black Desert Online. The fantasy mmorpg is seeing a new class enter the fray, and this class uses a beguiling mix of martial arts and street fighting. The Black Desert Online Striker class debuts today, becoming the 14th playable class for gamers to choose from.The Black Desert Online Striker is a hardened fighter, being forced to survive from a young age far from his native home of Calpheon....
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May 24 2017
Black Desert Online Margoria release date announced
In the virtual world of online games, most of the action is set on dry land, leaving the waterways and oceans of the world as just barriers or places to quickly travel across. Black Desert Online is taking a different tack entirely, allowing players to partake of aquatic adventures, both above and below the surface, in the game's latest expansion. Developers have announced that the Black Desert Online Margoria expansion is slated to be released o...
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Jan 12 2017
Black Desert Online Pearl Shop items can now be auctioned
One aspect of mmo games that players often have to contend with is that some of the coolest items in the game can only be found behind a paywall in the form of the game's cash shop. Some online games allow their players to convert in-game currency to cash shop currency in order to buy things but others do not. Kakoa Team has announced that Pearl Abyss has decided that players will now be able to sell Black Desert Online Pearl Shop items and sell ...
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Aug 04 2016
black desert naval expansion teaser
So you want to sail the high seas, huh? Then you might want to make a beeline for Black Desert when it drops its naval expansion in the last quarter of 2016.This Black Desert naval expansion will let players venture out to sea, explore the mysterious lands beyond the currently known continents, establish trade routes, discover treasure and hunt monsters. Or basically everything that a seafaring MMORPG hero desires. Full-scale naval warfare w...
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Jul 22 2016
Black Desert Online Beauty Album pros and cons
One of the hallmarks of Black Desert Online is its incredibly versatile character creation system. In fact, the character creator was released separately before the fantasy mmorpg was released, and many players spent countless hours messing around with it as a form of mini-game. There is an amazing variety of looks that can be achieved, and I personally got a kick out of players recreating famous actors using the system. Now the versatility of su...
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Jul 13 2016
Black Desert Online under DDOS attack
One of the drawbacks to playing mmo games is that there are a number of ways that enjoyment of said games can be messed with. We're all familiar with the online gaming trolls who seek joy by ruining the gameplay experience of others, but there is also the incredibly irritating use of DDOS attacks that shut a game down completely. News of a current Black Desert Online DDOS attack was confirmed by the game's community manager, CM_Jouska in a forum ...
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Jul 08 2016
black desert save characters beauty album
If you're the meticulous type that spends hours at the character creation screen because you want to make them look just the way you want them, then you'll be pleased at the newest feature of Black Desert. The Black Desert Beauty Album feature has been flipped open, allowing MMO gamers to save character creations for their future use or forward them to other players.Players will be able to save their character's current appearance by taking ...
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Jul 06 2016
black desert bitcoin
Question's have been raised within the Black Desert community following allegations of covert bitcoin mining occurring at the cost of the game's users. This is actually something that has came up in conversation within the mmo community before; if thousands of gamers are playing games off of thousands of devices, over millions of hours, is their any way to use the dormant parts of their machines as a giant, cloud, bitcoin miner? With so many ga...
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Jul 05 2016
Black Desert Valencia and Siege Mode update delayed
If there's one thing that most mmo gamers hate, it's waiting. The anticipation for the next expansion can be overwhelming as the itch to play through new content gets worse and worse. The initial wait is bad enough but when a further delay is announced, it can be crushing. Sadly, players looking forward to the Black Desert Online Valencia and Siege Mode update will have to continue to wait as Daum Games have announced a delay in its launch.An...
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May 27 2016