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    Black Desert: classes
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    Black Desert: graphics
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    Black Desert: combat
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Black Desert Gameplay First Look - HD

Black Desert Gameplay First Look - HD

Adventure in a uniquely breathtaking world with Black Desert, the mmorpg developed by Pearl Abyss. This Korean import is truly a sandbox game where players can truly have an impact upon the game world through commerce, action combat, and crafting. As the game begins, players choose a race and a class, with classes being based upon the mmo trinity. Some classes are locked to specific races, but the game has quite a bit of customization to make your character unique.

Set in a richly detailed fantasy world, players choose between two nations in Black Desert. On one side are the citizens of the Kingdom of Valencia, who are spiritually focused. On the other side are the denizens of the Republic of Calpheon, who are more materialistic in nature. Both sides are warring over control of Black Stone, the world's most valuable resource that is found in the desert that lies between the two kingdoms. However, neither side is truly good or evil.

This beautifully rendered game depicts a world leaving the Middle Ages and emerging into the Renaissance. Players can adventure from majestic cities through burning deserts to haunting ruins. Black Desert isn't your typical cookie-cutter mmorpg game as the creatures found within are quite original. Combat is action oriented, but not overly complex so players can easily fight, dodge, and use skills. Mounted combat is a huge part of the game and can be leveled up. The proper use of mounted combat is necessary in sieges to break through barricades and to escort caravans. Players can quest through open world and instanced dungeons and partake of public quests. For those who love to move around, there is a parkour system in place so players can run up walls and make insane jumps.

Black Desert is a sandbox game where players have a true impact. Players can buy housing throughout the world as every home can be bought every three months. This home can then be converted into a business where the player can ply his trade, selling off items that he has crafted. Players unable to secure a house can set up a tent in specific areas. When a large amount of goods are sold on the auction house, those goods are physically transported by caravan and must be protected. Unscrupulous other players can attack such caravans and make off with the goods in question. Players can hire NPCs and form relationships with them. How a relationship develops with one NPC may impact the player's relationship with other NPCs. These NPCs can sell players special items, offer special quests, allow entry into a specific territory, and perform tasks.

Players can engage in normal PvP and in epic sieges in Black Desert. Defeating an enemy in PvP can force them to drop items, but not soul bound ones. Guilds come in three flavors: religious, trading, and militaristic. The type of guild has an impact upon the actions of their members, such as a trading guild giving a crafting bonus.

With an original world and setting, this mmo strives to give players what they've been looking for. Intense action combat, mighty sieges, parkour, player housing, and more. Online gamers looking for a smooth sandbox game with typical mmorpg gameplay will definitely want to enter the world of Black Desert.

By Jeff Francis


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