BattleForge to shut down

By Tam Mageean
battleforge shut down

One of Phenomic's leading RTS games; the old favourite, but perpetually bugged BattleForge has announced it will be shutting down in October.  Support had became scarce on the servers, and many fans had already anticipated it's demise, but to see it in writing was truly saddening for it's commited and passionate followers.

The developers at BattleForge made a statement earlier this week as to why they intended on letting this game go:


Today we bring sad news to the world of Nyn as the rift between our worlds is coming to a close, and with this we come to the unfortunate retirement of BattleForge.

The decision to retire older games is never easy. We hope you've enjoyed playing BattleForge as much as we enjoyed making it and we wish to extend our sincerest thanks to all of our passionate and dedicated players for supporting BattleForge over the past 4 years. Those of you who still have a balance of in-game currency are encouraged to spend it before the game is shut down on October 31st and is no longer available for play."

BattleForge tweet

This may have something to do with its original owner, EA Phenomic being shut down earlier this summer, due to poor end of quarter results.  The MMO developer was founded in 1997 and had proudly held BattleForge and Tiberium Alliance as it's flagship games since 2009.


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