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  • Battleforge: scenario

    Battleforge: scenario
    Games are played in scenarios against the AI or other players....
    Battleforge: scenario

    Battleforge: cards

    Battleforge: cards
    Cards make up your 'deck'. These determine which units and abilities you have access to in the game....
    Battleforge: cards

    Battleforge: unlock

    Battleforge: unlock
    AS you control more resource nodes, you will unlock higher tiers of units....
    Battleforge: unlock

    Battleforge: control

    Battleforge: control
    Battleforge uses other RTS controls. Remember to summon new units as you earn mana throughout the game....
    Battleforge: control

BattleForge Gameplay

BattleForge Gameplay

BattleForge, developed by EA Phenomic and published by Electronic Arts, is a free mmo strategy tcg for Microsoft Windows. Tradeable and collectible cards are a BattleForge player's assets (troops, buildings and abilities). Every player starts with 2 card decks. Each deck has 32 cards. There are 4 types of BattleForge cards. Fire cards are about offense. Frost cards come with defensive spells. Nature cards bring healing and siege units. Shadow cards are about dark magic like necromancy. Each starting deck will contain 8 cards from each element. BattleForge covers all play styles. There are missions and campaigns that can be played solo or co-op. There is a PvP mode as well. Various difficulty settings and matching rewards are available.

There is no limit on the number of BattleForge decks a player can possess. There are more than 200 cards available. Players can build varied decks for a flexible gameplay. BattleForge decks work just like character builds in an rpg. A deck will determine a player's role and performance. Not all cards are the same. Card types are: common, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare. Some are very hard to acquire. Cards can be traded with other BattleForge players via the marketplace. Another way to get new cards is getting booster packs. A BattleForge booster pack contains 5 common cards, 2 uncommon, a rare card and an ultra-rare card. Cards become untradeable if they are upgraded. However, is possible to undo the upgrade and cards become tradeable again. The premium BattleForge currency is BattleForge points. These points are earned from trading cards with other players or bought from the in game shop. The other currency is gold. Gold is earned from missions and it's mostly spent on card upgrades.

Maps support co-op gameplay. Up to 12 players can join a BattleForge map. Time spent on a map depends on the number of players. Multiplayer maps may take 1 or 2 hours to complete. Players will select a card and simply click a location on the map. A building/unit/spell will be built/summoned/cast at the marked location. Building cards may take a little time to finish construction. BattleForge cards have a limited number of charges per map. Some cards have a cooldown period. Players will need resources and monuments to play a card. Power generators are a good way to get resources. Monuments can be conquered. Players can choose which one of the 4 elemental powers the conquered monument will boost. There are several rules for capturing power generators and monuments. BattleForge free mmo is continually expanded with new cards and content updates.

By Rachel Rosen


BattleForge to shut down

One of Phenomic's leading RTS games; the old favourite, but perpetually bugged BattleForge has announced it will be shutting down ...
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