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BATTLECREW Space Pirates is a free to play multiplayer side scrolling shooter developed and published by Dontnod Eleven. The game is created for competition and fast paced gameplay. Players are invited to select one of the four playable characters called pirates, join a group and compete in various modes. BATTLECREW Space Pirates is not a MMORPG but it offers a mode that supports eight players. The character selection features distinct heroes. Each one comes with a different fighting style. A character is defined by its offensive skills, defensive abilities and movement. Depending on the chosen character, BATTLECREW Space Pirates players will not only have different combat abilities but also a unique movement style.

John Trigger is one of the playable BATTLECREW Space Pirates characters. His favorite weapon is a plasma rifle, he deals massive damage with a rocket launch ability, he can climb walls and he can also crowd control enemies by slowing them down. Comet dual wields wave guns, uses floating mines and balls of light to damage opponents and has the ability to move at sonic speed. Tiburon surrounds himself with a protective wall, destroys his enemies with grenades and uses an aqua jet pack for fast movement. Janger fights with an electric saber cuff, generates an energy shield for protection, has a dash move that damages enemies and can go into berserk mode. Each character resembles a RPG character with unique personality traits and background. BATTLECREW Space Pirates doesn't have single player missions or a story campaign but it has a tutorial and a training mode. Players can quickly learn game basics and complete a couple of matches against bots before joining a match with real opponents. All content is designed for multiplayer. BATTLECREW Space Pirates has two modes. Team deathmatch is a classic scenario in which two teams compete to achieve as many kills as possible. The supported format is 2 vs 2. The other mode is called gold rush and it supports four players per team. The two teams compete to acquire resources.

Eighteen maps are available. Each mode can be played on nine unique maps. BATTLECREW Space Pirates has a system that allows players to gain access to more content by taking part in community challenges. Players will earn bounties and points that are spent on maps, character skins and animations. Users can check out community challenges from the game lobby called Tortuga. While they are here, they can also browse the leaderboards, join teams and start matches. BATTLECREW Space Pirates borrows the business model from free to play MMO games. Players can get the free game version or acquire the premium bundle that includes 24 character skins. Premium players can also create their own lobby and teams. BATTLECREW Space Pirates is available from Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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