Battle Worlds: Kronos releases V1.1 update

By Michael Jamias
battle worlds kronos v 1 1 update

Just a month after its official launch, Battle Worlds: Kronos has released V1.1, its first major update.

The new patch focuses more on trouble-shooting than content creation. Players can look forward to faster gameplay, multiplayer enhancements, and a slew of bug fixes and optimizations based on feedback from the first month of live play.

The turn-based strategy RPG now progresses more quickly than ever for fans who only have a short time to play each session. AI units now move all together, cutting down the frustrating wait time during AI turns.

The V1.1 update also enables the option to turn off AI animations for even quicker battle actions and resolutions. Developers have also programmed units covering long distances to accelerate, which further helps condense the average time spent per turn.

Another major issue with the launch version was the wonky support for multiplayer mode. This has been addressed with enhancements such as making Leagues available for all players, and giving every player the chance to collect points and gain ranks.

As with other mmo games, Battle Worlds: Kronos also packed in critical fixes and iterative optimizations with its first update. These include higher quality battle sounds for a more immersive audio experience, and balance tuning single-player missions so they provide a more enjoyable risk-reward ratio.



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