Battle Worlds: Kronos launches November 4 sans DRM

By Michael Jamias
battle worlds kronos launch date no drm

The Kickstarter-funded turn-based strategy rpg from King Art Games releases worldwide on November 4.

But more compelling than this launch date confirmation is the revelation that Battle Worlds: Kronos will be dropping without any digital rights management or DRM protection.

This means all versions of the game -- be it the boxed retail copies or digital downloads -- will be free of copy protection.

Battle Worlds: Kronos maker King Art Games gave a caveat though that purchasing the game through the AppStore or Steam will still subject the bought copies to the platform holders' normal copy-protection regimes apply, due to their nature as closed platforms.

King Art Games went on to say that should its gamble to make Battle Worlds: Kronos DRM-free proves to be successful, then it just might make all its future online and mmo games free of copy protection.

"We’re giving the customers a good large game for their money. We provide free cross-platform multiplayer, a league and – early next year – the free DLC “Trains”, which contains a new campaign and introduces a whole new unit class. We think that’s a pretty good deal,” said Jan Theysen, CEO of KING Art Games.

"If enough players support us by buying the game legally instead of pirating it, we'll adopt a no-DRM policy as a company policy," he added.

Battle Worlds: Kronos will launch in seven languages for PC, Mac and Linux, on Steam, and other platforms. Versions for iOS and Android will follow in early 2014.


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