Battle Worlds: Kronos is now live

By Michael Jamias
battle worlds kronos launch

After a successful Kickstarter run, the crowdfunded Battle Worlds: Kronos has finally released globally.

Strategy rpg fans can now get the game from three initial sites: Steam, GOG and the official Battle Worlds: Kronos website. It can be played on all three major computer gaming platforms: PC, Mac and Linux.

Watch this Battle Worlds: Kronos launch trailer that not only primes you for the upcoming turn-based trials, but also gives a heartfelt thanks to all the early backers that have helped make the game possible.

German developer King Art Games proudly noted that unlike other indie mmo games that offer unrealistic promises during its crowdfunding run only to disappoint with delays and missing features, Battle Worlds: Kronos is releasing on-time and sans copy protection or digital rights management restrictions.

Developers estimate that the game will offer roughly 30 hours of solo content as well as dozens of more hours in cross-platform multiplayer fun. Those who purchase Battle Worlds: Kronos now will also get the free Trains DLC coming out early next year.

"This is it. We have done our best to help the once-great genre of turn-based strategy make a comeback," said Jan Theysen, CEO of King Art Games on release day. "We publish Battle Worlds as a modern take on a classic genre and a bow to our great forerunners like Battle Isle or Advance Wars."


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