Battle Worlds: Kronos News

battle worlds kronos tablet ios android
Battle Worlds: Kronos is waging a war for tablet supremacy, launching on both the Google Play and App Store with a limited-time 33% discount. This brings down the price to roughly $10 on both stores.Unfortunately, not all tablets will be supported. You will need to own at least an iPad 3 and have it updated to at least iOS 6.0 to play the futuristic turn-based strategy rpg. The Battle Worlds: Kronos tablet versions will support all...
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Nov 06 2014
battle worlds kronos v 1 1 update
Just a month after its official launch, Battle Worlds: Kronos has released V1.1, its first major update. The new patch focuses more on trouble-shooting than content creation. Players can look forward to faster gameplay, multiplayer enhancements, and a slew of bug fixes and optimizations based on feedback from the first month of live play. The turn-based strategy RPG now progresses more quickly than ever for fans who only have a short time to pl...
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Dec 12 2013
battle worlds kronos launch
After a successful Kickstarter run, the crowdfunded Battle Worlds: Kronos has finally released globally. Strategy rpg fans can now get the game from three initial sites: Steam, GOG and the official Battle Worlds: Kronos website. It can be played on all three major computer gaming platforms: PC, Mac and Linux. Watch this Battle Worlds: Kronos launch trailer that not only primes you for the upcoming turn-based trials, but also gives a heartfelt t...
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Nov 05 2013
battle worlds kronos launch date no drm
The Kickstarter-funded turn-based strategy rpg from King Art Games releases worldwide on November 4. But more compelling than this launch date confirmation is the revelation that Battle Worlds: Kronos will be dropping without any digital rights management or DRM protection. This means all versions of the game -- be it the boxed retail copies or digital downloads -- will be free of copy protection. Battle Worlds: Kronos maker King Art Games gav...
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Oct 25 2013