Battle for Graxia launches with surprise Replay and White Knight features

By Michael Jamias
battle for graxia launch replay white knight

Battle for Graxia fans are getting two extra features that many never knew were even coming.

Together with release of the free to play MOBA, Battle for Graxia also unveiled a new Replay Mode and White Knight feature which improves the game's match recording and match balancing capabilities, respectively.

The fairly obvious Replay mode will allow players to record matches and play them back, possibly to evaluate their performance or dissect enemy tactics.

Meanwhile, the White Knight feature allows players the opportunity to fill a player slot when one becomes available in an actively running match, which if it works without a hitch, should give players a fighting chance even after a teammate has left a match. Developer Petroglyph Games claims the White Knight feature is groundbreaking in that it is the first time such a feature has appeared in a MOBA.

While this is hard to confirm, we have to admit that it is a fairly unique and convenient feature. Off the top of our heads, we cannot recall MOBAs or mmo rpg games for that matter that have implemented an active match replacement feature like White Knight.

Aside from the two new features, Petroglyph is also dishing out multiple content bundles for fans on launch day. These bundles include exclusive Immortals and their alternate skins, personal in-game achievement badges, and unique booster items meant to help beginners hit the ground running.


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