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  • Battle for Graxia: artifacts

    Battle for Graxia: artifacts
    Battle for Graxia incorporates 'PvE combat' and a progression system that is not available in other MOBA style games. Artifacts to...
    Battle for Graxia: artifacts

    Battle for Graxia: manage

    Battle for Graxia: manage
    As you play matches, you earn experience which will give you levels. Use these levels to manage your immortals. This is essentiall...
    Battle for Graxia: manage

    Battle for Graxia: store

    Battle for Graxia: store
    The store within matches lets you spend gold earned during each game to buy or upgrade items. You earn 10 gold per 'tic' and anoth...
    Battle for Graxia: store

    Battle for Graxia: moba

    Battle for Graxia: moba
    Battle for Graxia is a MOBA style game. Multiplayer online battle arenas are based off the popular map from Warcraft 3, called DOT...
    Battle for Graxia: moba

Battle for Graxia Gameplay First Look

Battle for Graxia Gameplay First Look

Rise of Immortals Battle for Graxia is a free MMO MOBA game developed and published by Petroglyph Games. The fantasy story tells the tale of a land name Graxia. This world was sustained by magic crystals. One day the crystals started a slow but inevitable decay. Without the crystals, the task to hold Graxia together falls in the hands of the Immortals. They are champions of Graxia fighting for their lands and people. Battle for Graxia players get to control Immortals as playable characters. Players group up and fight online Battle for Graxia matches against other players. There are Battle for Graxia scenarios for single player. When looking for a match, players are given the choice to join the random queue or join a custom match. Each Battle for Graxia player account has an associated performance rank based on won matches and level. The automatic matchmaking system pairs players based on this rank.

Each Battle for Graxia game rewards XP and gets players closer to unlocking advanced features. Prestige is Battle for Graxia currency won in PvP matches. Players can buy Immortals, artifacts or crystal forge access using this currency. Petroglyph coins are Battle for Graxia premium currency. There are 24 different Battle for Graxia Immortals. There are 8 Immortals available at a time to free members. The free Immortals rotation is always changing so gamers get to play them all. Players can permanently unlock their favorite Battle for Graxia hero by spending Prestige or Petroglyph coins. Just like in RPG games, Battle for Graxia Immortals can be divided into 6 classes. This division is based on the role performed in battle. The 6 Battle for Graxia hero classes are: tank, melee, ranged, caster, assassin and support. All 24 Battle for Graxia Immortals have unique abilities. The discipline tree is a Battle for Graxia feature that allows players to gain permanent bonuses that apply to all Immortals. Each time players level up they get discipline points. These points are distributed in the Battle for Graxia discipline tree.

Items and artifacts are used by Battle for Graxia players to enhance their combat performance. There are utility items like potions and scrolls. Some items can be equipped and give offense and defense perks. Each Immortal has special slots where artifacts can be equipped. Artifacts improve stats. Battle for Graxia MMO has social interaction features. Friends can be added to Battle for Graxia buddy list. Players can team up for co-op challenges where they fight bots not human players. Battle for Graxia supports player guilds as well.

By Rachel Rosen


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