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    Bastion: competition
    Bastion is a single player action game that tracks your score against other players on Steam....
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    Bastion: world

    Bastion: world
    The world of Bastion appears before your eyes. As the narrator tells your story, new blocks will appear before your eyes....
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    Bastion: progression

    Bastion: progression
    Players gain levels as they play Bastion. These levels allow you to specialize your character at the distillery....
    Bastion: progression

    Bastion: combat

    Bastion: combat
    Combat is simple a straight forward. You have 2 weapons, 1 active ability, a dodge and a block. The aesthetics and the narration c...
    Bastion: combat

Bastion Gameplay

Bastion Gameplay

Bastion is an indie RPG developed by Supergiant Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. There are several Bastion core features. Each playable character is highly customizable. The story is built around player’s actions. Bastion uses a mix of 2D and 3D graphic style and beautifully hand painted landscapes. Mechanics are easy to learn. Players take the role of someone who survived the Calamity, a great disaster. The Bastion is a place of refuge. A friendly NPC guides players in their journey. The final goal is Bastion restoration.

Bastion is one of those games where skills matter more than good gear. To defeat mobs and bosses, players don’t just need to equip the best weapons and armors and to boost their stats. Those are important too but, Bastion attempts to create a gaming experience where player’s skills make the difference. Combat is not the classic hack and slash we see in most MMORPG games. Bastion fights are very strategic. Players have to watch out and defend themselves against incoming attacks and make an offensive move when situation allows it. This makes Bastion combat fast paced and engaging. After completing Bastion objectives, players receive XP and level up. New levels open up new character development opportunities. There is no best weapon in Bastion. Each weapon serves a certain purpose and makes a valid choice for combat. Bastion weapons can be upgraded. The flexible customization system allows players to try out multiple specs and combos. A Bastion skill tree has 3 main branches: distillery, arsenal and forge. Distillery allows player to consume different types of spirits and gain buffs. Arsenal is about weapons and it also unlocks a secret skill. Forge abilities let players upgrade their weapons. By combining different skills players can create melee or ranged Bastion characters.

Replayability is one of Bastion important aspects. The main quest can be finished in about 10 hours of gameplay. However, there is a great deal of optional content and multiple choices. Bastion doesn’t promote grinding or farming. Players won’t need to go through the same area dozens of times or kill the same monsters over and over again. The Shrine is a Bastion feature used to increase game difficulty. Players seeking more challenges should use it. Bastion is one of the RPG games that run on multiple gaming platforms. There is a version for PC, for Mac and for Xbox 360. Those who own a mobile device such as an iPhone or an iPad can play Bastion too. Bastion also runs on Linux and Google Chrome.

By Rachel Rosen

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