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Awesomenauts is a free to play MOBA platformer game developed and published by Ronimo Games. The game takes place in a faraway future. The entire galaxy is at war and there seems to be no end in sight. Armies of robots keep fighting but no major victory has been achieved so far. To bring end to this war, mercenaries named Awesomenauts are called into battle. Gameplay is based on 3 versus 3 matches. Players choose a side, team up with two other members and engage in a strategic fight against the other team. Although the game is a battle arena just like the famous MMO MOBA, League of Legends, the gameplay is not the same. Awesomenauts is a 2D game that plays like a platformer with classic MOBA elements such as creeps, bases and upgrades.

Dozens of unique heroes are available. Each hero has four abilities. Three of them are used to deal damage just like RPG spells. The fourth skill, called platforming ability, allows the hero to change location in a different way. For example, Penny Fox does a leap jump while Derpl Zork uses a jet boost for climbing. When players choose a hero, they also choose a unique way to fight and to navigate between platforms. Awesomenauts heroes have all sorts of skills that are used to slow down enemies, to deal damage to multiple targets, to heal allies, to reduce damage and so on. Players use skins to customize a hero's appearance. Each character has multiple available skins. There are several ways to play the game. The classic way to play the game is to take part in a 3 versus 3 MOBA style match. Several maps are available. Awesomenauts also includes team deathmatch mode and splitscreen. Team deathmatch is a simple scenario in which members of the two teams compete to achieve kills. Splitscreen mode is perfect for a gaming session with friends.

Awesomenauts was first released as a buy to play game but it transitioned to a free to play business model. There are many games, including MMORPG titles, that gained more popularity after becoming free to play. The new business model allows free players to enjoy premium content without spending money. Awesomenauts players are rewarded with Awesome points that are used to unlock content. The game is available on Steam so players have access to a series of Steam only features such as achievements, workshop, trading cards, cloud support and leaderboards. An anti cheat system makes the game an enjoyable experience for all users. Awesomenauts has vintage cartoon style graphics.

By Rachel Rosen



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