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    Avalon Heroes: stores
    Between games you can purchase items from the game store. These consumables and items can be used in game to make your character s...
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    Avalon Heroes: hereoes
    Like other MOBAs, choose a hero that best fits your playstyle....
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    Avalon Heroes: upgrades
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    Avalon Heroes: combat
    Avalon Heroes uses click to move. Right click on an enemy to begin autoattacking. As you level up, you can learn and upgrade speci...
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Avalon Heroes Gameplay

Avalon Heroes Gameplay

Avalon Heroes or Avalon Online is a free mmorpg, developed by burda:ic and available on alaplaya game portal. Avalon Heroes has multiple game modes. One of the most popular mode is the DOTA similar PvP mode. There are campaigns and adventures for single player mode. Players will create a kin and a little army of heroes. Oriens and Aeonia are the two playable Avalon Heroes kins (factions). It's possible to change factions but you must be careful to increase your kin level and battle level for both factions. A kin has several stats. Kin advancement occurs when a player gains a level and points to distribute. There are 6 kin stats: damage, magic damage, crit, accuracy, charism and luck. For now, the level cap is 50 but 10 more levels are under development. Each Avalon Heroes kin has its heroes. Aeonian heroes are: aeonia humans, metamorphers, spiriters, demons and angels. Oriens heroes are: oriens humans, fangers, naturals, beasts and elementals. There are 100 heroes to choose from.

When a new player starts Avalon Heroes mmo, 5 free heroes of each faction are available. Scenario heroes are unlocked when completing scenario modes. Some heroes are purchased from the lobby store or the AP store. The random cube heroes cannot be obtained or owned. They are available to play only by using the random cube. Heroes have specific stats and skills. New skills become available when a hero reaches certain skill points thresholds. In a match, a hero can attain max level 25. A hero's level is reset after every match and the hero is rewarded with skill points, XP and aron (Avalon Heroes currency). Heroes can use lots of types of items. Ultimate items are powerful weapons that can be found only when playing Battle Mode. Ethereal stones are used to boost a hero's stats. If you care about your hero's looks, there are hundreds of vanity costumes to choose from.

Scenario Mode is the single player PvE content of Avalon Heroes free rpg. Players that want to learn more about Avalon Heroes lore should play these campaigns. The scenarios are different for each faction. There are 4 chapters in each scenario. New heroes become available after completing a chapter. Up to 8 players can team up for Adventure Mode (or Raid Mode). This mode is more challenging than scenario mode but the rewards make it worth. Raid mode has kin level requirements. Arena mode is an Avalon Heroes mode where only the most skilled players adventure. Battle modes represent the Avalon Heroes PvP feature. Each team can have 5 heroes. The goal is to take down enemy buildings. There are several maps for battle modes. Avalon Heroes hosts regular tournaments and contests.

By Rachel Rosen

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