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By Tam Mageean
aura kingdom website

Aeria Games have launched a brand new Aura Kingdom website, in preparation for their upcoming MMORPG. Aeria are keen on getting the community aspect of this game up and running and hope that prospective gamers get involved; be it taking part in the upcoming beta, or simply taking part in discussions on the website, all participation is appreciated.

"Readers can get a primer on the world of Azuria and the game’s core features. In keeping with the beautiful anime art of the game, the website also features extensive fankit materials and a fan art section where the best submissions from the enthusiastic community will be selected for all to see."

aura kingdom heroes

The website is set to feature weekly stories, Dev blogs, suggestion pages and discussion groups, with contributors being awarded with Aeria points, which can be spent in any or Aeria's games, or saved to give you a critical jump in Aura Kingdom when it's released.

Aura Kingdom is in shape to become a fantastic, free, fantasy MMO; sharing the same creative talents as games like Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal. It's going to feature an unorthodox class system, with weapons determining play-style, rather than simply the characters, and multi-classing will become available after hitting level 40. With 3D anime styling, enormous monsters, smooth animations and rich, colorful environments, this is definitely one to watch.

Aeria are currently accepting applications for their closed beta, so sign up now and be one of the first to enter the kingdom!

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