Aura Kingdom kicks into open beta

By Michael Jamias
aura kingdom open beta

Aura Kingdom starts off the new year with an open beta bang.

Now it's all systems go for all-out public testing. Anyone can now explore the world of Azuria and all the cutesy trappings of this anime-styled free online rpg after registering and downloading the mmo client at the Aura Kingdom website.

The open beta comes after closed beta held during the latter half of December. During this time, lucky selected testers created more than 170,000 characters and logged in nearly 1 million hours.

What's the difference between the Aura Kingdom open beta and the closed beta? Open beta is similar to the closed beta in that bug reporting is still a major priority, but the big difference is that there will no longer be server wipes.

This means characters created during the open beta will be permanent, so consider your name and class choices more thoughtfully to avoid the hassle of renaming or rerolling.

Don't be surprised to see Game Masters running around like crazy because they will be facilitating the in-game events.

Expect massive monster and boss spawns, snapshot contests, and other cool shenanigans.

The events are designed to be both fun and rewarding to open beta players, gifting participants and winners with items, currency and even EXP and Drop Rate boost cards.

Game Masters will also be entertaining questions from newbies, as well as hosting live tutorials on

Based on the schedule, there's an event every single day of the week, including a Trivia contest to perk you up on those sleepy Sundays.

Aura Kingdom is published by Aeria Games and developed by X-Legend.


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