Aura Kingdom Founder's packs now on sale

By Michael Jamias
aura kingdom founders packs sale

Aura Kingdom Founder's packs allow you to join the first player beta access on December 16 for this latest anime-style mmorpg from Aeria Games.

Players can purchase any of the four different Founder's packs to gain exclusive access to the Founder’s Beta phase, and get a headstart in reserving character names. These packs are priced in Aeria Points or AP, the currency used across all of Aeria Games online rpg games.

There cheapest pack is the Supply Pack (1,900 AP), then progressing to packs with more goodies such as the Gold Pack (4,900 AP), Platinum Founder Pack (15,900 AP) and the Diamond Founder Pack (29,900 AP).

Depending on the Founder Pack bought, players can own several vanity items such as a Tanuki pet and Phantom Wolf mount, as well as an exclusive in-game Eidolon that will never be available again.

The most expensive Diamond packs are prices so because they provide physical items on top of the virtual goods. Would you like an adorable plushie and limited-edition Aura Kingdom playing cards with unique artwork per card? Then prepare to spend serious cash on a Diamond pack.

Going back to the testing timeline, the Founder's Beta phase will then lead into the Closed Beta phase, which is open to all key holders. The Closed Beta will include all Founder's Packs owners as well the influx of Facebook registrants lucky enough to receive a key.

Then after the Closed Beta, Aura Kingdom will undergo a major stress test. All mmo servers will be wiped after the stress test to prepare for the free public Open Beta.

Developers said the Open Beta will allow players to start downloading and playing the game, and will no longer have to worry about a server wipe.


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