Aura Kingdom release their first major patch

By Tam Mageean
aura kingdom feb patch

In February's patch, Aura Kingdom have launched a cornucopia of new content; new raids, new zones, a new class, new events and so much more.

The biggest, most anticipated part of the new Aura Kingdom update has to be the inclusion of the new class; The Brawler. The Brawler class has been visible in character creation section of the mmorpg for some time, but frustratingly locked out by the developers. The brawler class is an up-close and personal, melee attacker that utilizes Katar weapons with acrobatic finesse.

There are a host of new dungeons available, and two entirely new zones to explore. The extensive list of new dungeons includes four level 60 Otherworld dungeons to keep the more seasoned vets of the mmo entertained, and a new raid dungeon, know as The Sky Tower that can support an impressive horde of up to 40 players.

"This intense new raid challenges up to 40 players to ascend through increasingly difficult floors full of formidable enemies and all-powerful bosses."

The first 10 floors of the raid have been made available so far, with more unlocking witheach patch.

New events have arrived too; two Lunar New Years events and, of course, a Valentine's event for Aura Kingdom Cassanovas.

Lastly, the Fishing Feature has now been added to the localized version, adding a whole new layer of achievements to the mmo.

Let us know what you think about the new Aura Kingdom patch in the comments section player below.


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