Aura Kingdom uncages the Eidolon

By Tam Mageean
aura kingdom eidolon

You'll never fight alone in Aura Kingdom, as the MMORPG introduces a diverse array of battle companions, known as the "Eidolons".

The MMO is still in development, with a closed beta on the way, but has already done well to keep our interests piqued. Aeria Games has trickled out new class information, teaser footage and now, a range of accompanying critters, to aid you on Aura Kingdom's battlefield.

Aeria Games have presented a range of new Eidolon companions for Aura Kingdom, which can be summoned forth in battle and used as guides, temporary mounts and tag-team partners; delivering impressive combo attacks alongside your hero.

Not only do the Eidolons vary in style, but they will also vary in performance, depending on your own characters class, leading to some unique and flashy attacks that will differ from player to player.

Eidolons that have been revealed so far include:

- Grimm: An aerial dragon-like buddy that's deceptively cute.

- Alessa: An armor cladded and colorful unicorn.

- Merrilee: A cutesy staff wielding miniature that can dazzle and distract your foes.

- Serif: An acrobatic sprite that kicks and flips his way around the screen.

These four "starter" Eidolons will be selected from during the character creation phase, with more becoming available throughout the game as drops, level-up rewards and boss achievements.

More Eidolons are on the way, and will feature strongly in future content updates.


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