Aura Kingdom's closed beta starts today

By Tam Mageean
aura kingdom closed beta

At long last! Azuria has opened its gates to the public with the Aura Kingdom closed beta test. We can finally delve into one of the most anticipated mmorpg games of 2013/2014.

The anime-inspired mmo contains all of the vital pillars of an online jrpg or krpg; from the weird and wacky monsters and mounts, to the adorable pets and in-battle war-beasts known as "Eidolons", all of your evolve-able, big-eyed, bushy-tailed needs will be met. The characters and their environments are sculpted in marvelous, cel-shaded beauty and the game itself has been designed and developed by X-Legend; the same squad that put together 2010's adorable, and still popular, Eden Eternal.

Aeria games are going all out with Aura Kingdom, touting it as their biggest game to date, and judging by the early footage we've seen from its Eastern cousin, Fantasy Frontier Online, they're pulling no punches; with an array of classes, weapons, skill trees and real-time combat options to keep your grinds varied and engaging.

Those interested in applying for the closed beta can do so via the official Aura Kingdom Facebook page, which is running a giveaway from now until the 26th of December. For guaranteed early entry into the game, you can always opt in for one of the Aura Kingdom Founder's Packs, which will not only secure you a space, but will also guarantee you your preferred username when the final version is released. So, give yourself an early Christmas present, and sign up now!


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